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Paideia is the VISTA Expertise Network's flagship project. It is an ambitious education program created to train the next generation of VISTA experts. The dearth of VISTA-related training programs over the last decade combined with the large number of experienced VISTA hardhats now retiring has created a generation gap that threatens our community's ability to meet the growing demand for medical informatics.

A key component of our strategy to address this problem is to pair master hardhats with new apprentices. These teams can tackle real-world programming jobs while training their students to aid and one day become peers to their teachers. This approach not only trains new programmers but also strengthens the skill base of existing hardhats by helping them trade skills and advice while working on demonstration projects (much like the classic craftsmanship approach to education).

Paideia creates the necessary conditions for a VISTA renaissance. Following VISTA's unusually productive management model, Paideia's new generation of VISTA experts will gradually acquire authority over the software and bring to fruition the many ambitious projects unfinished or unstarted during the last decade.

Available Training

We are currently planning our next set of MUMPS and VISTA courses. For more information, contact our Director of Paideia at

Curriculum Model

The Paideia undergraduate curriculum offers a broad array of training services that range from entry-level MUMPS programming classes to sessions in the most advanced areas of VISTA. We have the ability to target your learning to who you are, what you already know, and where you would like to be. Contact us to begin a discussion on how we can customize our available classes to your needs.

What We've Done

The history of the Paideia program highlights an ever-evolving process as we hone our ability to train the next generation of VISTA professionals in a manner not only focussed on fundamental details, but also the overarching philosophy of the VISTA lifecycle.